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Registration Top
How to start with Online Registration?
  • Click on the link Register Free on the Home Page
  • Please furnish your full contact details. Maximum details will be an added advantage while searching for matching
  • You should include valid phone numbers and Email ID.
  • Provide all manadatory details and try to fill field with sufficient details.
  • About Me field can be used to describe your character or Qualities and description about your partner you prefer.
  • After completion, Click on 'Submit' button.
For Offline Registration please visit our Office during office hours.

All the online profiles will be verified by our office and a confirmation mail will be sent to your Email ID.
Uploading / Managing PhotoTop
How do I upload a photo to my profile?
  • At the time of registration,Click the 'Browse' button and select the digital photo (in JPG /GIF formats only) you wish to
         add to your profile. Only digital photo files in the JPG / GIF format and less than 1 MB in size will be able to be
Form Filling Top
Must add qualification and branch in the appropriate field.If add more qualification ,click on "add more" link.
Family Details
First select no.of family numbers,then we will get appropriate no.of raws for filling the details.We can add details of
     parents and siblings.
Select 'yes' when asked "Do You Want To Add Horoscope".Then select rasi and amsaka.
User Name
Must do availability checking
Need minimum 6 characters.
User Name / Password Top
What is User Name?
A User Name can be a sequence of characters or numbers.While registering you can enter your own User Name .
     Please avoid numbers in your User Name.
Can I choose my own Password?
You can choose your own User ID and password on profile submission.
forgot my Password. What should I do?
Visit http://alphamarry.com/.Click on the "Forgot Password" link after login and fill the form .Your "Password"
     will be mailed to you immediately. Enter the Email ID mentioned in your Matrimonial Profile.
Profile SearchTop
What are the types of Search?
Search- It is a simple search with only age, gender and religion specification. Member Search- You can find candidates
     by User ID. Advanced Search- You can search profiles with your defined criteria.
I get the message "0 Match[es] found" while searching for the profiles. Why is it so?
If you are searching through 'search' then try to enter the correct Information. or The candidate you are searching for
    might have been not found in our database.
How do I view a particular profile?
Visit http://alphamarry.com/ . Search With "Search by id " field.ie; Give Id and click Go button
Member's Login Top
How to Login?
Visit: http://alphamarry.com/.Enter your "User Name" and "Password" in the respective boxes and Click on
     the "Login" button to login to your account.
I forgot my User Name / Password. What should I do?
Visit http://alphamarry.com/Click on the "Forgot Password" link in the page( just below member login) provide
     your Name,User Name,Profile ID and Email ID .You will recieve a personal mail intimating your userid/password.
Why is the message "Invalid User Name / Password" being displayed?
The User ID or Password you have entered might be wrong. If you have forgotten your password, please click on the
     "Forgot Password" link to retrieve
Profile Modification Top
How do I modify/update my profile?
  • Visit http://alphamarry.com/
  • Login using your "User Name" and "Password"
  • Click on the "Update Profile" option and You can modify the profile contents that are displayed and confirm it by
         Clicking on the "Update Profile" button.
How can I change my password ?
  • Visit http://alphamarry.com/
  • Login using your "User Name" and "Password"
  • Click on "Change Password".
  • Enter your current password.
  • Enter your new password and confirm the same. Click on "Change Password" button.
  • Your new password will be immediately activated. Please use the new password the next time you login.
How do I change a photo in my profile?
  • Visit http://alphamarry.com/
  • Login using your "User Name" and "Password"
  • Click "Edit profile" Button,then you can change your photo.
Profile FeaturesTop
How do I get in touch with members of my interest?
  • Visit :http://alphamarry.com/
  • Login using your "User Name" and "Password"
  • Search for your matches
  • In the search results page, you can click on the "ADD TO INTEREST" link provided.
  • Clicking on the "Submit Interest " button to send an automated message to the member, expressing your interest.
Can I register for any of my siblings with the same User Name?
No. The User Name identifies each person uniquely. Please register separate profiles for you and your sibling.
Services Top
Online Services
  • Secure your photo and profile
  • Search for your suitable match
  • Instant Profile updation
  • Respond to all proposal
Please contact with our Office for more details.

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